A Game of Chance

"""Simulating the dice game Craps""" ## 'Simulating the dice game Craps' import random def roll_dice(): """Roll two dice and return their face values as a tuple.""" die1 = random.randrange(1,7) die2 = random.randrange(1,7) return (die1, die2) def display_dice(dice): """Display one roll of the two dice.""" die1, die2 = dice print(f'Player rolled {die1} + {die2} = {sum(dice)}') die_values = roll_dice() #first roll display_dice(die_values) # determine game status and point, based on first roll.

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1. Defining functions def square(number): print("The square of", number, "is", number ** 2) square(7) ## The square of 7 is 49 2. Functions with multiple parameters def maximum(value1, value2, value3): max_value = value1 if value2 > max_value: max_value = value2 if value3 > max_value: max_value = value3 return max_value maximum(12, 27, 36) ## 36 maximum('yellow', 'red', 'orange') ## 'yellow' 3. Random-Number Generation import random random.seed(10) for roll in range(10): print(random.

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